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An Open Letter to Half-Price Books

I found out today that my favorite bookstore, the Dallas flagship Half Price Books, is hosting Anne Rice in November on her publicity tour for her newest book. I've provided them with some feedback regarding my feelings about their association with that particular author and am posting that submission as an open letter here and at Goodreads:


I have been a HBP customer for years and have spent hundreds of dollars at your DFW stores this year alone, buying both new and used books, movies, and music. I have always appreciated your customer service, finding your staff cheerful and helpful. I frequently come to the flagship store on my lunch break from work to browse, purchase, and read while eating a sandwich from the Black Forest coffeeshop. I brag on your stores and post pictures of my book hauls online at my favorite book review site. So I was disappointed to hear that you're hosting Anne Rice, who has proven herself hostile to readers who dislike her books and supports other authors who stalk and harass reviewers. In protest, I will not be visiting any HPB stores for the remainder of the year, nor will I be purchasing gift cards for Christmas stocking stuffers this year.