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Go Set a Watchman

Go Set a Watchman - Harper Lee

So after Obsidian Blue's review of this book, I decided to drop this one off my TBR, because I didn't want it to taint my feelings for To Kill A Mockingbird. But I forgot that I had put the audiobook on hold at the library, and Overdrive is set to auto-checkout the holds. So then I felt guilty that I'm contributing to the devaluing of a library book without actually using it. (It's my understanding that libraries only get a certain number of checkouts for digital copies of books before they have to re-purchase the license - I assume that's the same for digital downloads of audio books, too)


So far, it's not too awful, as I'm keeping the mindset that this is not the same Scout and Atticus as in TKAM, but more like an alternative universe. But not great, either. I can see why the publisher originally told Harper Lee to ditch this book and write one based on Jean Louise's childhood, instead. The passages where she reminisces are the best parts of the book so far.