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Book Haul!

The HPB clearance event was a little disappointing, in that there was almost zero general fiction. About half the hall was nonfiction, broken down by category, and the rest was children's books and genre fiction, mostly sci-fi, mystery/thriller, and romance. And one long table across the back with mixed paperbacks. Still, I'm satisfied with my haul. Total cost, $20.03, including tax.


I couldn't resist that vintage Harlequin romance. Given my career, I'm a sucker for books with nurses on the cover!


Plus an excellent lunch - we went to Rodeo Goat for a Steaming Pile and Olivia Darling, with Goat Balls to finish. Yum. We were unfortunately unable to figure out how to lick the Goat Balls plate clean of blackberry compote without drawing attention to ourselves.