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Library visit - Frisco, Texas

I think public libraries don't get enough love, so I decided that I will make a point of visiting the public library in every town I happen to pass through. Since I don't travel a lot, that means mostly libraries in North and Central Texas. I was in Frisco last weekend for a salon appointment and had time to stop over at the library. My apologies for the quality of the photos, I just have an old iphone for a camera. I didn't take many pictures of the children or teen areas, since I didn't want to look like a creeper.


Library – Frisco TX


Frisco library building  Park outside library



This is a modern full-service library, warm and inviting. It’s set as part of the city services building complex and arranged on three narrow floors stacked on top of each other. Each floor has a separate entrance from within the city building. It has occupied this current building since 2006. Before that, the city leased an old house on main street, run by a part time librarian and volunteers. The city library only dates back to 1990, which reflects the city’s history. It was a small rural community until the DFW suburban growth spilled over its borders and it became the fastest growing city in the US from 2000-2009, growing from a population of about 6000 in 1990 to about 117,000 in 2010.


Library entry 4th floor 


The entire main street/city services complex is a good reflection of the city. It’s a modern developers’ wet dream: a mixed use complex with faux-historical properties and lots of green space, walking space, and living space, as well as restaurants, a movie theater, shops, etc. But I saw very few people walking anywhere except to and from their vehicles, even though it was a gorgeous day out.


Comfy reading chairs  Shelving and lighting


The library was well used, even for a Saturday afternoon. Patrons everywhere were sitting in cushy chairs, reading, as well as students sitting at tables and desks with homework out. There were banks of public access computers on every floor, with about a third in use. It was quiet and well-lit with natural light from tall windows and warm artificial light in the darker corners. I loved the lighting on the bookshelves. It was well staffed with librarians who were friendly and welcoming.