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One Plus One ★★★★☆

One Plus One: A Novel - Jojo Moyes

I loved this book for the first 2/3 of the story, when it began behaving overtly like a romance, at which point I only really liked it a lot. I found all the characters interesting, although the antagonists were not as well developed as I'd like. Moyes tells a good story about (mostly) believable and (sometimes) sympathetic characters. If it wrapped up a little too neatly at the end and there were too many just desserts for realism, I can forgive her for it. The ride was definitely worthwhile. 


This is the first JoJo Moyes book I've tried, and I've already put her other audiobooks my library carries on the hold list. 


Audiobook version, surprisingly loaned by a friend who prefers murder mystery series. The production uses multiple narrators effectively, all of whom provided a fine performance.