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After You ★★★☆☆

After You - Jojo Moyes

Better than the first book "Me Before You", the heroine had a clear character arc and I didn't feel like slapping her silly nearly as often. I like the somewhat ambiguous (for a romance) ending, too. 


But then, I was distracted much of the time as I listened to this audiobook. We picked it up for a group listen as my mother and sister and I drove from Texas to Michigan and back for a family event. It's hard to really engage with the plot when you're white knuckled in the back seat while your sister cusses and road rages at the steering wheel on a strange interstate highway surrounded by 18-wheelers. Or when it's your turn at the wheel and the other two are backseat driving you. But a more engaging book might have been more difficult to follow the plot in such circumstances, so perhaps this was the perfect kind of book, after all.