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Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook - progress: 2 recipes

Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook - Betty Crocker

The second pumpkin-themed recipe I tried from this cookbook (for the Pumpkin bingo square) is "Peppy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds". This recipe calls for fresh pumpkin seeds, but as I had no intention of buying and carving a pumpkin just for the seeds, I bought plain roasted seeds instead. This was a very simple recipe, easy to follow and easy to complete with minimal mess and cleanup. 


They were not very satisfying initially, though. The seeds were too dry for the seasoning to stick, although I used the recommended amount of oil for roasting. So I sprayed them with cooking spray and re-seasoned, which worked reasonably well, but they still seemed less than "peppy" so I added some salt and some smoked chipotle powder, which improved the flavor (and the pep) by quite a lot. 


Verdict: Pretty tasty, with some customizing. Here's the photo of the pumpkin seeds from the cookbook, vs. my own result. Not as photogenic, but reasonably attractive, I think.