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Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook - progress: 3 recipes

Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook - Betty Crocker

The third pumpkin-themed recipe I tried was a success! The Jack-O-Lantern Whoopie PIes were surprisingly easy to make, considering my dismal baking skills, although a little time-consuming, as I could only bake 8 whoopie halves at a time, due to their size. I only deviated from the recipe directions by using parchment paper to line my cookie sheets instead of cooking spray, which worked perfectly and made clean up much easier. The decorating... well, let's just say I'll never win any prizes for artistry, and I suspect a 10 year old could have done better, but they are at least recognizable as jack-o-lantern faces. 


Verdict: They were well received by my cubicle-mates at work, and they magically disappeared from the office break room in less than an hour. Personally, I found it a little too sweet, with the maple flavoring in the filling somewhat overpowering, and could barely taste the pumpkin in the cake halves. But the overall flavor was pleasing and the cake was very moist.


Photo of my pathetically clumsy whoopies vs. the professional photo from the book, followed by recipe: