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The Accident Season ★★★☆☆

The Accident Season - Colby Minifie, Moïra Fowley-Doyle

I have such conflicting feelings about this book. The writing style seems to capture what I love most about magical realism and the plot seems to capture what I most dislike about YA lit. If I could excise the maudlin (and distastefully incestuous) romance from it, and half of the teenaged angst, I’d have thoroughly enjoyed the story.


“The house likes this. All the while dancing, the pulsing music, the slamming of so many shoes on the floor, so many drunken bodies against the walls and against each other, so many lips meeting, and hands meeting other places, in shadowy corners and on the dusty mattresses of the smaller bedrooms upstairs. The house revels in it. The walls beat like hearts, the floorboards groan, the staircase moans, and upstairs the bedrooms whisper sweet nothings.”


Colby Minifie’s performance in reading this audiobook really made it work for me. She brought it to life and gave it a warmth that kept me listening, when I would  have probably abandoned it had I been reading the text.


I read this for the Magical Realism square in the 2016 Halloween Bingo.