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Fall of the House of Usher ★★☆☆☆

The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe - Edgar Allan Poe, Lucio Mondini, Jessica Angiulli

Edgar Allan Poe must be the undisputed master of the run-on sentence. This story was so packed with them as to render it nearly incomprehensible.


“He was enchained by certain superstitious impressions in regard to the dwelling which he tenanted, and whence, for many years, he had never ventured forth – in regard to an influence whose supposititious force was conveyed in terms too shadowy here to be re-stated – an influence which some peculiarities in the mere form and substance of his family mansion had, by dint of long sufferance, he said, obtained over his spirit – an effect which the physique  of the gray walls and turrets, and of the dim tarn in to which they all looked down, had, at length, brought about upon the morale of his existence.”


I confess: I skimmed in places, so maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to rate this story. But the very fact that I was forced to skim rather than fall asleep in the midst of paragraph-long sentences is enough to rate this story 1 star. I’m sorry, I know it’s a classic. But it’s miserably written.


On the plus side, it is beautifully illustrated as part of The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe, with a couple of amazing popups.


I suffered through this story for the Fall Into A Good Book square in the 2016 Halloween Bingo.