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Murder, She Barked ★★★☆☆

Murder, She Barked (Paws & Claws Mystery) - Jeanie Kanaley, Krista Davis

So this was my first foray into the cozy mystery genre, and it was really cute. Like, super cute. I figured, how can a puppy dog themed mystery story go wrong? And sure enough, whatever flaws this book had were certainly forgivable, because doggies. 


The plot was... I don't know, DOGGIES

The characters were... Uhhhmm, DOGGIES

The murderer was... Who cares, DOGGIES


I will say that this would probably have been better in a text format than on audio, because the performance by reader Jeanie Kanaley was substandard. The pacing was excruciatingly slow with a very careful enunciation of every word, her voice was almost girlish, and her European accents were... not like any I've heard in real life.