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Truly Madly Guilty ★★★★☆

Truly Madly Guilty - Liane Moriarty

Three couples share a traumatic experience that tests themselves, their friendships, and their marriages. This plot is a slow starter as we see the characters floundering in the aftermath, with flashback interludes that tell the story of the “day of the barbecue”, so the reader is kept in the dark about what happened until at least halfway through the book. The hints about the traumatic event kept me engaged as much as learning about each of the characters and their individual struggles. Each of the characters is flawed enough to be realistic and each has their unlikeable features, but the ones most affected by the events of that day experience growth as they deal with it over the course of the book.


Caroline Lee gives her usual fantastic performance in narrating this audiobook. Borrowed from my public library via Overdrive.


This book satisfies the "Reading" task for "Task the Tenth The Holiday Down Under", as it was both written by an Aussie and set in Sydney.