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108 Days - Lisa Lindell

I bought this self-published book at a health care conference after hearing the author speak on her personal experience with medical errors the difficulties of navigating the system when your loved one is hospitalized. 


I've barely gotten started, but her story and experiences are interesting, in spite of the poorly edited, almost stream of consciousness writing style. It's written sort of like diary entries, as a day-by-day recounting of events. The poor woman's extended family is almost more of a burden to her than the hospital, so far, but probably because she doesn't yet realize that the disconnected and poorly coordinated information she's getting is actually a reflection of the care her husband is receiving. 


As a nurse, I remember seeing some family members like "Bertha", who seem to be more intent on creating a spectacle centered around themselves with their theatrical prayer sessions at the patient's bedside than contributing comfort and care to the patient and their more immediate family.