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The Princess Diarist ★★★☆☆

The Princess Diarist - Carrie Fisher

I enjoyed this memoir, which was told with wry, self-deprecating humor. Ms. Fisher looks back on her 19 year old self with gentle affection, recounting her very first love affair that just happened to be with her married, 15 years older co-star, and who apparently fell for the tough, cynical, experienced persona she tried to project, only realizing afterwards that she was really just a teenager with an enormous crush. Although, having literally grown up in show business, with Hollywood parents and a father fully engaged in the lifestyle of chronic substance abuse and serial philandering, she does seem to have been amazingly naive. Perhaps, with first love, we are all ridiculously naïve, even if we have every reason to know better.


My favorite sections were those where she recounted the years of sci-fi and comic conventions, the autograph whoring (her words) and encounters with fans.


I ended up forwarding through her actual diary entries, because they are exactly what you’d expect from a teenager in love with an older, married man: a lot of boring emo bullshit. Her adult self is far more interesting.


Audiobook, borrowed from my public library. I loved, loved, loved that it was read in the author’s own voice. It sounds as though you are just sitting down with a friend over coffee, who is telling you funny stories of her life experiences.