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Testing, testing, 1 2 3

Okay, this is just a test post to see if I can make Line Bookaholic's trick work for me. The trick is to be able to add a book to a post, where it appears as a small pic of the cover within the body of the post, rather than as a huge pic at the top of the post. 


So, right now I'm reading Finders Keepers: A Novel - Stephen King . I'm reading the audio and physical book in tandem, because I've discovered the joys of Will Patton's narration and because I bought the physical book a while ago and need to get it off my TBR mountain. 


I'm planning to do Dream Weaver - Jane Yolen,Michael Hague  for my first BL-opoly. It's another physical book that's been on my shelves for ages and needs to come off the TBR mountain. 


I thought the detailed illustrations were interesting, and a little dark for a children's book:

Dream Weaver - Jane Yolen,Michael Hague 


 EDIT: It worked! Yay!