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Murder Most Howl ★★★☆☆

Murder Most Howl - Krista Davis

Either these books are getting better, or I’m getting desensitized to them and less inclined to be nitpicky. Either way, I was able to enjoy this adorable little mystery full of adorable pets (DOGGIES!! KITTIES!!) and their indulgent owners, even though my brain was probably only 60% engaged with the story for the majority of the book. Although I couldn’t have figured out the murderer from the clues revealed along the way, it wasn’t too difficult since

there’s really only one non-pet friendly person left alive in the book.

(show spoiler)

Also, How could they have been so clueless about the thievery since

in the last book, it was the pets running unchecked everywhere behind the poltergeist-like moving/disappearing personal possessions?

(show spoiler)

Anyway, it was a cute story, and I enjoyed it very much.




Audio version, borrowed from my public library via Overdrive. Jeanie Kanaley’s performance has not improved at all over the first two books. Her pacing and tone of voice do not vary, regardless of whether she’s narrating the consumption of pancakes or the main character stumbling over a dead body.