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Reading, for me, is entertainment and an escape from the real world. But it can also inform and stretch the boundaries of the life I live.

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HP's BL-opoly - 4th Dice Roll

I'm mowing them down like an especially fast moving glacier! So finished my 3rd dice roll book a couple of days ago and did my 4th roll on 5/23, but since I'm just now getting the review posted, I delayed making this post. 


Round 4 (May 23-?, 2017)

Dice Roll: 7

Square: Paradise Pier 30: Read a book with a twist, or that is tagged “suspense” on GR, or that has more than 555 pages

Book to be Read: Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

Pages: 582

Payout: $5

Fingersmith - Juanita McMahon,Sarah Waters 


I chose Fingersmith for a couple of reasons: First, it fits all three criteria in the category - the bound version is 582 pages, 50 people shelved it as "Suspense" on the first Goodreads shelf page, and according to reviews I scanned, it comes with more than one big plot twist. Also, I have it on audio, and at 23.5 hours of listening time, it's perfect for the road trip I'm about to make, to visit my mother for her birthday and attend my great-nephew's 5th birthday party. 


However, I still have about 5 hours left of the audiobook that I'm currently listening to, so I can't start it until probably tomorrow, when I'm on the road. Meanwhile, since the rules of the game allow us to have two rounds going simultaneously if one is an audiobook, and I don't have a bound book going right now, I'll do another dice roll for today (5/25) later on, so I've got a bound book to read over the weekend, too, with out losing game time. 


Round 3 (May 11-May 22, 2017)

Dice Roll: 10

Square: Adventureland 24: Take the Jungle Cruise. Read a book set in Africa or Asia, or that has an exotic animal on the cover


Book Read: A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam

Pages: 276



Bank: $29


Round 2 (April 19-May 11, 2017)

Dice Roll: 7

Square: Additional Task 15: Read a book where someone gets married, with jewelry on the cover, or where any character is a millionaire/billionaire!


Book Read: The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Pages: 512

Payout: $5


Bank 5/11/17: $26


Round 1 (April 17, 2017)

Dice Roll: 9

Square: Fantasyland 9 King Arthur’s Carrousel

(Read a book that is tagged Genre: Fantasy or Fairy Tale on GR


Book Read: Dream Weaver

Pages: 80

Payout: $1


Bank 4/17/17: $21



Bank 4/17/17:  $20