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HP's BL-opoly - 5th Round

As explained in my 4th Round post, I finished my 3rd round book on 5/22 and rolled for the 4th round on 5/23, but didn't post until today, as it took me that long to get the book review written and posted. As I've chosen an audiobook for the 4th round and game rules allow us to do rounds concurrently if one is on audio, I chose to roll today for my 5th round and to pick a bound book, so I have one for my trip to visit my parents for my mother's birthday.


Round 4 (May 23-?, 2017) & Round 5 (May 25-?, 2017)

Reading concurrently with one audio, one bound.


Dice Roll: 7

Square: Paradise Pier 30: Read a book with a twist, or that is tagged “suspense” on GR, or that has more than 555 pages

Book Read: Fingersmith by Sarah Waters


Pages: 582

Payout: $5

Ending Bank: $


Dice Roll: 9

Square: Frontierland 2: Read a book with a main character who knows how to handle a gun, or where someone is shot

Book Read: Shane by Jack Schaefer


Pages: 432

Payout: $5

Ending Bank: $

Shane: The Critical Edition - Jack Schaefer 


I was pretty excited to land on the Frontierland 2 square, because I knew I could pick one of the many books on my TBR that my father has given me, in vain hopes of sparking my interest in westerns and Texas history. The one I chose has special meaning, because my dad loaned his copy to me a few years ago, complete with his notes, and told me the backstory of his favorite book. He first picked it up at random, off a paperback rack in a bus station in San Antonio, where he had been sent for his Army physical when he was drafted for Korea. He fell right into the story, and has loved it ever since. 


Since I'll be staying with my parents over the weekend, I think he'll be especially pleased to see me reading it, and for us to discuss it.