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Fingersmith ★★★★★

Fingersmith - Juanita McMahon, Sarah Waters

It’s hard to review this historical thriller without spoilers, because much of the fun is in the twists and turns of the plot as the various characters and their machinations are revealed. It’s well-done, too. I wasn’t able to correctly guess any of them, at least until the very end. But this is not only a cleverly plotted story. It is peopled with interesting characters, none of whom are wholly sympathetic. This is not a book for readers who want at least one likable character that they can identify with. But I was able to connect, to empathize to some extent, with several of them, for they were well-drawn and all very human. For me, that is the best kind of book. I did find it a little weak at the end, where events do tie up a little too neatly for my taste.


Audiobook, purchased via Audible. Juanita McMahon’s performance was excellent.


I read this for the 2017 Booklikes-opoly challenge, for the square Paradise Pier 30: Read a book with a twist, or that is tagged “suspense” on GR, or that has more than 555 pages. This book meets not just one, but all three criteria.


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