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The Killing Lessons ★★★★☆

The Killing Lessons - Saul Black

EDIT: I should have included a warning on my original review - this is very dark fiction, featuring not just a deep dive into the cesspool of the killers' minds, but also some very graphic description of those crimes, as they occur. I'm not especially squeamish, but those parts of the book were uncomfortable for me, especially those that gave the victims' thoughts and experiences. 



This thriller has nearly all the elements that I really enjoy - an whopper of an opening scene, excellent pacing, characters both empathetic and repulsive, and a satisfying ending. It was not without flaws, though. The events were heavily dependent on implausibly freak timing, which is fine if it's once or twice in a story, but here it was nearly every pivotal event. The romance, or more precisely the personal relationships, used some eye-rollingly common tropes. The main character was a little too "tortured hero" for me. 


Still, the writing was good enough to overcome these flaws, and I enjoyed it enough that I'll be looking for other books by this author. 


Audiobook, borrowed from my public library via Overdrive. Christina Delaine's performance was excellent.