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Review dump coming but I have kitty pictures to compensate!


Thank goodness it's the weekend and I can finally take a deep breath and get caught up on my posts here! Which means I have a ton of reviews and Bingo updates coming. I'm still in my pajamas and working on my second cup of coffee and I don't have anywhere else to be until dinner time. 


Meanwhile, here are the kitty pictures I promised! I told y'all about my sister's cats when I was helping her to pack and move last week. I did manage to get pictures, but they aren't very good.


The first picture is Mr. Silly, who is a very handsome, friendly, and playful kitty. He had fun teasing my Annabelle by placing himself near enough for her to investigate, then arching his back and hissing at her after giving her just enough time for a few sniffs. Then a few minutes later, it would start all over again. I wasn't able to get a good photo of his amazing tail, which seems extraordinarily long, stands straight up in the air, and curls into a curlicue at the end. In this picture, he's perched atop a chest of drawers and giving us the Evil Eye for taking his bedroom apart and packing it into boxes. 


The second picture is Ringo (inaptly named for the bold outlaw Johnny Ringo), in the only place I could find him where he wasn't a blurred streak of orange fur racing past to a new hiding place. As you can tell by the state of the box springs, my sister's cats and the hoardes of kittens that she regularly fosters spend a lot of time under her bed and use it liberally for claw-sharpening. 


World Series update: Well, it was an unexpected upset as the underdog Nationals took the series in 7 games from the Astros. I'm bummed for my family, who are all rabid Astros fans, and sad for the players, almost all of whom I like, but pleased that the organization itself is not rewarded for their "ends justifies the means" approach to winning. Also pleased that the domestic abuser Roberto Osuna's unreliable postseason performance was instrumental in that loss. 


Stubbs and Annabelle also had strong feelings about the world series, but it was mostly about where my attention was rather than team loyalties. 



OK, I'm all set to start writing and posting my Bingo wrapups and to get started on planning for the Festive Tasks game!