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Reading, for me, is entertainment and an escape from the real world. But it can also inform and stretch the boundaries of the life I live.

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Secrets of Charm

Secrets of Charm - John Robert Powers,  Mary Sue Miller An amusing instruction book to achieve 1950's feminine perfection. It's illustrated with wonderful line drawings. The advice, though dated, seems pretty solid for achieving the stated goal. The premise is both horrifying and unintentionally funny to this contemporary reader. "More than ever before, today's woman should make the most of her age-old duty to be attractive, interesting, and of value to others." Some of my favorite passages include the appropriateness of gloves in various social situations, shoe stylings for minimizing the width and length of feet, warnings that unattractive facial expressions will stamp themselves into wrinkles, and using a liquid adhesive to pin protruding ears to the side of the head.