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The Hidden Staircase
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The Dark is Rising ★★★☆☆

The Dark Is Rising - Susan Cooper

I think that if I were more knowledgeable about the mythology that Cooper is drawing upon for the world she has created, I would have enjoyed this more. I'm familiar with the Greeks, but only just barely acquainted with the more well-known characters from other traditions. I didn't find the characters to be particularly well drawn or compelling and the conflicts had little real tension. Will seemed to only passively move from one miniquest to the next, and nobody ever seemed to be in any actual danger. The Dark simply had no teeth. But there is a love of language that leavens the dullness of plot and characterization. The world created is beautifully described; it only needed a good story to go with it.I still plan to read the entire series, though. The frustration I felt at the age of eleven with a book I couldn't understand is still with me. I'm determined to read it again in context and finally put those questions to rest.