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Defending Jacob ★★★★☆

Defending Jacob - William Landay

I really enjoyed this, although the only character I could really empathize with was the mother. Honestly for nearly the entire book I wished I could smack the main character, with his willful obtuseness and irritating arrogance. I felt, in his own way, that he's as much a sociopath as any of his progenitors that he's so horrified and ashamed of. I don't feel his steadfast support of his son was really a reflection of his love for him, but more about his own self-image. Likewise, he doesn't seem to have any real feelings for his wife. Whenever he speaks of her, it's all about what she does or has done for him. He's certainly only concerned for her in the most superficial way, although he excuses that to himself as prioritizing his son's needs first.

I had, of course, guessed the surprise twist at the end, fairly early in the book. It would have been hard not to, with all the broad hints. But I couldn't guess the circumstances or how it happened, and the story was compelling enough to keep me reading through to the end. I wanted to find out how it all turned out. It was definitely worth the read.

This was the Audible version, read by Grover Gardner, who did an excellent job as usual.