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204 Rosewood Lane (Cedar Cove, #2) - Debbie Macomber ★★☆☆☆

204 Rosewood Lane (Cedar Cove, Book 2) - Debbie Macomber

Continuing my participation in my family’s group read of the Cedar Cove series, this is book #2. We pick up several storylines and characters introduced in 16 Lighthouse Road, still set in the bland, uniformly white middle class town of Cedar Cove. Descriptors of the setting are superficial, so my mind’s eye has conjured images of a theme park main street.  

Disney Main Street

I can’t bring myself to spend time on a full review, so I’m just archiving my thoughts as I progressed through the book. Again, on audio, competently read by Sandra Burr.


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"’Tonight,’ he said, reminding himself that this could very well be the evening he lured Olivia into his bed... Still, he was a man in every sense of the word, and he'd like nothing better than to take their relationship to a physical level beyond kissing and cuddling.”


Ugh, like high schoolers, thinking of relationships in terms of progressive levels.


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Horrified to think that the judge who is responsible for life changing legal decisions welcomes her knitting busybody mother into her chambers to give her opinions on legal cases.


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Grown women attending the high school football game. No mention of the game itself, just their socializing. Afterward, Olivia mopes that Jack hasn't called her all week. Evidently it doesn't occur to her that she can pick up the phone and see how he's doing with his son, rather than expecting him to be thinking about her during his own family crisis.


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Srsly why can't 4 "responsible" adults consider that maybe Eric could actually just get tested for fertility? One peek in a microscope would make all this drama unnecessary. Idiots.


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WTF is up with all these weirdo stalker men that keep forcing themselves on women who tell them to go away. Then the women give in to their overwhelming masculine forces? Do people find this romantic instead of disturbing?


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The big reveal is no surprise. Nor is the tiresome morality behind it.

Married her first husband because they got pregnant – honestly does anyone in this town use birth control? – then he coerced her into getting an abortion, and she’s been tormented with a ruined life and psyche ever since. Yawn.

(show spoiler)


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Again, characters behaving like they're in jr. high. Jack spends more time obsessing over whether Olivia's ex-husband is "interested" in her, as if she's a possession that he worries about being stolen rather than an intelligent, adult woman with agency.


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Jack: "What would you say if I confessed that I've fallen in love with you?" Olivia: "I'd say you sound like an insecure little boy and that you're trying to score points in some imaginary contest with my ex-husband." Jack: sulking


hahahahahahaha! Finally, one of them says exactly what I'm thinking!


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Glad to be done. Think I will give it a little rest before I start the next book. Though this is weirdly compelling in a wholly repellent sort of way, like spraying whipped cream directly in your mouth right out of the can.