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Practice to Deceive ★★☆☆☆

Practice to Deceive - Ann Rule

After I just finished extolling her virtues as a true crime writer, now I'm forced to say that this is not one of her better efforts. This book is a mess. It wanders all over the place, and her usually interesting explorations of character background and motivations seems droning and repetitive. About halfway through, I found myself googling the crime to try to figure out what was going on in the book, and when I realized what I was doing, decided to abandon the story. If she hasn't hooked you in the first half, the second half, which usually covers the trial and aftermath, will definitely be more boring. I usually one-star the books I've abandoned, but since I got at least halfway through, I'm giving it two stars.


Sorry Ann. You're still my favorite true crime author though!