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Coreyography ★★★☆☆

Coreyography - Corey Feldman

As a chronicle of Feldman's descent into and recovery from addiction and an explanation of his relationships with Corey Haim and Michael Jackson, this is a serviceable record. He walks through the steps and missteps of his careers in acting and music. He addresses the physical and sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of family and "friends" and the effect that sexual abuse had on Haim.


But this is a rather dry and emotionless story which only seems to touch the surface of events. Feldman explains himself, but I didn't find myself emotionally engaged at any point. Even the break with Jackson, who had been practically the only genuine friend in whom he could trust, as Jackson was physically and mentally deteriorating toward the end of his life, seemed strangely bloodless. Feldman tells us he felt bewildered, hurt, and embarrassed, but I could not feel those things with him. In fact, he seemed more embarrassed and hurt that he was refused backstage passes and a ride on the bus than hurt that Jackson had withdrawn his friendship.


One last bit that actively annoyed me. After (very appropriately) pointing out that a teenage Haim was still the victim of abuse even though he was the initiator in a sexual relationship with an adult man, he then goes on to crow with satisfaction about his own earliest sexual experience, which occurred as a teen with an adult woman ten years his senior. Evidently he only considers it abuse if the adult is male.