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Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change ★★★☆☆

Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change - William  Bridges

This book is a fairly easy read and offers a sensible approach to change, addressing it as three phases of transitions in which leaders must first recognize that individuals must first let go of the status quo and grieve for whatever they will lose, then accept a period of transitional chaos in which to foster the opportunity for innovation, and then finally support the new beginning with a new identity. The discussion of "letting go" resonated most with me, as I think it is often the most overlooked. 


The chapter I found most helpful was on "nonstop change", which addresses fostering a culture of continuous improvement and how to help your team find meaning in and cope with simultaneous, unrelated changes.


One (annoying) oddity is the continual use of a biblical example of leading change - that of Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. Having never been a regular churchgoer, my knowledge of this particular event mostly comes from Charlton Heston, so this wasn't especially helpful in illustrating the principles being taught.


This book was a required text for my Organizational Assessment class.