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Temptress ★☆☆☆☆

Temptress - Lisa Jackson

This book came off my neglected pile, from a pile of dusty paperbacks on a cheap bookshelf that’s been untouched in a corner for years. I have no idea what books are there and no recollection of when or from where I acquired them. But school’s out until the spring semester, so I’m going to get through as many unread books as I can before I have to start reading textbooks again.

I abandoned this book before I could even get to my usual minimum 50 pages. If I hadn’t been very comfortably buried under a mountain of bubbles in a hot bath with a glass of fairly good wine at the time, I might have abandoned it sooner. As it was, I made it to page 45 before giving it up entirely. Most of those pages were devoted to mysterious hints about every character introduced, without revealing anything of interest in any one character to latch onto. Nothing really happens, except that the main character spends all her time moping about some lover who abandoned her and everybody seems to regard as a traitor. What really made this story impossible for me is the implausibility of the Mysterious Stranger In A Coma. The guy is found in the woods, near death, and so badly beaten that his injuries are too grotesque for people to look upon and his features are unrecognizable, but he has no broken bones. Nothing broken at all. He spends more than a week in the coma, without nutrition or hydration, and he’s unable to make voluntary, purposeful movements but is able to have rational, connected thoughts as he wonders, of course, who he is and why the MC’s name sounds so familiar. Obviously, the Mysterious Stranger In A Coma is going to recover to become the Mysterious Stranger With Amnesia. Just, no.