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People of the Book ★★★★☆

People of the Book - Geraldine Brooks

The best parts of this book were the stories of the people connected with the ancient Haggadah. The author brings them to life and immerses you in their world for a brief time, so that the book's history is gradually revealed. It was lovely reading, and I found the historical and religious context both interesting and (to me) new information. Each little retrospective connects to the present day storyline through some tiny artifact left in the book, much the way I leave my own artifacts as crumbs from my sandwich as I read through lunch, a stray hair from the pet that climbed into my lap, minerals from the lake on which I spend summer weekends, reading in my floating recliner. The present day storyline, however, was only worthwhile as a vehicle for the mystery of the Haggadah to be revealed. Those characters were dull and their motivations unpersuasive. This was the audio version, read by Edwina Wren, borrowed via Overdrive. I was impressed by the narrator's skill, as she was required to represent at least a dozen different nationalities and accents, and did so convincingly to my ignorant, untravelled ears.