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Reading, for me, is entertainment and an escape from the real world. But it can also inform and stretch the boundaries of the life I live.

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Flowers for Algernon
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Go, me!

I have the technology skills of toddler. Every time something new comes along - that I can afford - I am delighted, but clueless as to how to make use of it. I'm just now allowing my phone to use "the cloud", whatever that is. I have a 5 second attention span for written instructions and usually just push buttons until something happens. I'm that idiot that customer support and the sales people at the mobile phone stores dread.


Me: "Um, how do I make this new phone do that voice dial thing? You know, instead of punching in the number with your fingers, you just say the name?" Phone store guy: "Right here. You tell Siri." Me: "Oh, HER. I didn't know it was so easy. Thanks!" Phone store guy: <strained smile> "Sure, no problem. NEXT!"


So when I found out I could use an Overdrive app to download audiobooks from my library, I immediately started cross-referencing the catalog of available titles with my wishlist. A week later, I figured out how to actually borrow, download, and listen to a book. Yay! Then I found out that the process is more difficult with wma books than mp3 books. After a couple of days of randomly pushing buttons, I finally started reading the instructions. Today (two weeks later), I managed to transfer a wma to my phone, and after an hour of cussing at it, found the file in (?!?) the iTunes app instead of the Overdrive app. And it plays! Yay!


I hope this Mary Higgins Clark Christmas story is worth it.