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Deck the Halls ★★☆☆☆

Deck the Halls - Carol Higgins Clark, Mary Higgins Clark

Only mildly entertaining in a brainless sort of way. I've never read either of these authors, and if this is representative of their work, I won't bother to try any others. In the afterward, the authors note that they were asked to write this book together, and approached it by deciding to make the recurring characters of their existing works meet up, and then brainstormed the sort of situations where that could happen, then devised a plot to fit the concept. This is exactly that sort of book.


The only instance where my brain woke up from a stupor in listening to this story was with the introduction of Alvin, a fan of mystery novels, who has cross-referenced every mystery plot device ever written and used them to write 12 unpublished mysteries of his own. He spends all his free time stalking published authors in an attempt to break into publishing, while his mother alternately harangues and pushes him. I thought that, if this had been written today instead of in 2001, Alvin would have self-published as e-books while his mother trolled online reviewers who gave his work less than 5 stars.