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He Ain’t No Bum ★★★★★

He Ain't No Bum - O.A. Phillips, Ray Buck


Objectively, this is not a great book. It was written in 1980, during the height of Luv Ya Blue fever at a time of wild optimism about the Houston Oilers' future. It's essentially an ode to Bum and without any sort of attempt at a critical, balanced view. I've 5-starred it simply as a reflection of the pleasure I had in reading it, for the wonderful memories that it stirred and from the bittersweet perspective of history, knowing that within a year of publication, Bum would be fired and the Oilers would sink back into mediocrity.

 p. 142


“’If I could be remembered for one thing,’ Bum says, ‘that would be for bein’ myself. You may not always be right but do what you think is right; and if you’re wrong, have the ability to admit you’re wrong. Both are damn important. Maybe you ain’t got the market cornered on brains, but it’s human nature to always want to be right.’”


RIP, Bum. I remember you fondly, and for always being yourself.

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