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Oh dear - Updated



I'm having a little trouble unravelling a mystery with this app. There appear to be three related versions, all by Digital Press, but with different costs offering apparently the same content and features. The app I downloaded last night is the "Free Books for iPad" app, which is free and gives access to (supposedly) 23,469 ebooks. For $3.99, you can unlock thousands of audiobooks.  The developer website is Spreadsong. There is also the same app for 99 cents calling itself "pro" that makes the audiobooks available, but appears to have the same content and features. The app refers to "Classicly" which I originally linked to below. But that takes you to a different website, and there is a separate Classicly app, which costs 99 cents and appears to have the same content but slightly different layout and whose most recent version is a year older than the "free books" app. 


It's all very strange. But I just finished my first book on the Free Books (totally free) app, and it was easy to use with some, but not all, the features in the Kindle app. I'm not inclined to complain, because it's free, but I'm unlikely to pay for any upgrades or additional content, because I'm not clear what I would actually be getting. 





I've discovered another time-suck via my new ipad - the Classicly app. It has more classic (as in old and free) books in an e-reader format than I could possibly get to in a lifetime. I've already downloaded and spent several hours reading an old favorite from childhood, when I should have been reading my textbooks.


They have an enticing offer of thousands of audiobooks for cheap-cheap, but I'm resisting for now. I'll need to investigate the quality of the audio. If it's computerized text-to-speech, I'll never use it. If it's badly performed readings by amateurs, I'm highly unlikely to use it. But oh so tempting!