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Accounting Essentials For Managers - update: I've read 50%.

Accounting Essentials For Managers 4th Edition - Pamela Smith Baker

I was outraged when I first found out that, after paying full price for tuition and fees for my Managerial Accounting class, which is already extra for distance learning to cover the costs of Blackboard access, I then had to pay another $120 for subscription to *another* online learning site to access all the class materials, including the text written by the instructor.


I have to 'fess up now. I'm glad. She lays out the information in such a simple and straightforward way that even someone who is as math-averse and finance-ignorant as I am can easily learn the managerial accounting concepts and practical application that are needed for this class. So the fact that I remember virtually nothing from my basic accounting class 27 years ago (?!?!) doesn't matter.