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Reading, for me, is entertainment and an escape from the real world. But it can also inform and stretch the boundaries of the life I live.

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I am Unoriginal

Because I am also jumping on the Grim Bandwagon. I haven't read everyone else's posts because my life is so boring I might steal everyone else's and claim it for my own.


1. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years, although I haven't actually laid hands on a patient for nearly half of that. I now work with data to evaluate whether the care we are providing meets professional and regulatory standards of care, and to facilitate teams of clinicians and administrators in improving patient care processes and outcomes. It doesn't have the instant gratification of actually working with patients, but after several years of wearing 15 pounds of lead apron for 12 hours a day, my back gave out.


2. I've been married once, but I knew within 6 months of the wedding that it was a terrible mistake. I've never given myself the opportunity to repeat it.


3. In fact, I have an entire history of terrible choices in men.


4. I have two dogs. One is my little frankendoodle that I rescued from a kill shelter a little over a year ago. He's a real snuggler and a never-ending source of joy and laughter. The other is a little terrier that I adopted from a family member when she wasn't able to adjust to the evil interloping baby who invaded her home. Just kidding, he's an adorable baby, but The Ripper evidently didn't think so. Now she terrorizes everything that *might* be invading my house. Neighbors walking by, birds at the feeder, bunnies in the pansies, the ice maker when it drops cubes, the sprinkler system when it turns on, the vacuum cleaner, etc. I've gone through two brooms in six months. She doesn't snuggle, exactly, but she allows me to pet her, when she's in the mood.


5. My friends accuse me of being anal-retentive and of having control issues. I have no idea why.


6. I am a champion procrastinator, but I come by it honestly. One of my earliest memories is of my Mom, sisters, and I all loaded into the car for a road trip, waiting for my dad to finish piddling around and get in the car. He came out of the house, finally, then started washing the car, while we were sitting inside, waiting to go.


7. Babies and small children terrify me. I prefer humans who are capable of reasoned speech.


8. I wish they made Garanimals for adults. I hate figuring out what to wear in the morning. I organize my closet on Sundays so that every outfit for the work week is already assembled, even though most of them look alike. If I could still wear surgical scrubs to work instead of a suit, I definitely would. I didn't even own any shoes other than clogs and sneakers for the 12 years I did direct patient care.


9. I love to spend time in my yard, gardening. There's so much pleasure in nurturing growing things, and weed-pulling is a great way to work out frustrations. I wage a never-ending war against the Burmuda that invades my flower beds.


10. After more than 20 years out of school, I decided to go back to get an MSN. I was terrified when I started. I'm still a little terrified, but I'm halfway there and starting to think I might actually make it.