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Warning: 80s post-punk cheese

All the recent posts about concerts and music had me reminiscing about my first concert, Adam Ant in 1984. We dressed up in costume and makeup for it, and I mostly remember dancing and singing all the way through the concert. It was a high energy performance, but sadly, this was at the very end of AA's popularity. He seemed to disappear off the face of the earth afterwards. I blew the dust off my old photo album and pulled out this picture of the guys that I went with.


I saved the ticket stub, too, and was astounded to see that the ticket only cost $12.50. Per the notes on my album, my favorite song at the time was Don't Be Square, but apparently my overies nearly exploded at Physical, especially as by 1984 he'd added a flashdance-style water drench to the act. Teenagers and their bubbling hormones!


EDIT: This version of Physical is probably closer to what I saw at the 1984 concert, since it includes the strip-tease.