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Reading, for me, is entertainment and an escape from the real world. But it can also inform and stretch the boundaries of the life I live.

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The Bungalow Mystery
P.M. Carlson, Russell H. Tandy, Carolyn Keene
The Remains of the Day
Kazuo Ishiguro, Simon Prebble
Duel of Eagles: The Mexican and U.S. Fight for the Alamo
Jeff Long
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The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Carolyn Keene
I am No One You Know
Joyce Carol Oates
The Return of the King
J.R.R. Tolkien, Rob Inglis
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Dashboard craziness

I can't see anything on my dashboard but about a gazillion books that everyone has added or read. I don't know if everyone has been incredibly busy updating their shelves overnight after the BL book database update or if this is some kind of bug, but I can't see anyone's blog updates. I'm assuming that nobody can see mine, either, and I'm just talking to myself now.