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Four Past Midnight: The Sun Dog ★★★★★

Four Past Midnight: The Sun Dog - Tim Sample, Stephen King

I don’t understand the disdain this novella gets from other SK fans. In discussions of the “past midnight” collection, The Sun Dog is usually listed as the weakest, with all the love going to The Langoliers. How buzzing, hopping little balls of teeth that eat reality can trump the idea of an alternate reality trapped inside a Polaroid camera, waiting only for stupid old you to accidentally release it, I don’t know. This is SK’s take on Behind the Looking Glass, but the creatures on the other side are King’s creatures. How can anyone not love greedy and conniving Pop Merrill or the ridiculously gullible Mad Hatters?


Audiobook version, borrowed from my public library, with an excellent performance by Tim Sample. I especially love his voicing of Pop’s character.