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Divergent  - Veronica Roth

pp. 332/487


Nothing about this story makes sense. They barely know each other and Handsome Hero is

taking our clueless heroine into his darkest and most secret fears? He’s only 2 years older than she is, must have gone to the same school, and his father is a close associate of her father’s, but she’s never seen him and had no idea he came from the same faction?

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pp. 373/487


Still making no sense.


It’s just now occurring to Handsome Hero that

a relationship with his own student might be inappropriate and could bring her high scores into question? But it apparently hasn’t occurred to her, in spite of the fact that she’s supposed to be smart enough for Erudite? He tells her that she’s being watched closely, but they run around necking in public places?

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pp. 375/487


He tells her that he’s “deeply suspicious of people” and that it’s in his nature to “expect the worst of them.” But he spills all his secrets to an initiate that he barely knows.


pp. 382/487


This book just keeps not making any sense. She’s been told that

the ability to manipulate the simulation is a marker for being Divergent, which is dangerous, and that the leaders are trying to root out the Divergent, who have a mysterious tendency to have fatal accidents. So she deliberately manipulates the simulations, and is ranked first by her boyfriend/instructor for doing it.

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