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Divergent ★★☆☆☆

Divergent  - Veronica Roth

Summary: The best I can say about this book is that I found no spelling errors and it kept me interested (for some reason I still can’t understand) in discovering how events would play out. I found the premise and world building to be ridiculously implausible. The use of first person, present tense, was annoying and badly done. The main characters and their motivations seemed unlikely, although there were a few secondary characters that were well drawn. All the Bad Guys were caricatures who could have been drawn from Saturday morning cartoons and seemed to exist only to give the main character something to strive against.


My thoughts as I read the last 50 pages:



Amazing powers of recovery. Just a little while ago, she was shot in the shoulder and nearly faint with blood loss. Now she can hold a gun on someone for a prolonged period of time, using both hands, and chamber a bullet.


Plus, her gun seems to have been miraculously converted from a revolver to a semiautomatic.




Because of course the trains will be running on time in the midst of a revolution. It wouldn’t have occurred to the smartest people in the civilized world to disrupt and control transportation links between the sections of the city, to isolate the attacked faction or prevent entry to the controlling faction.




More first person, present tense fail. There’s an awful lot of her describing what should be unconscious expressions during moments of intense action. “I frown.” “I bite my lip.” “Eyes wide, I fling my right arm…” She’s extraordinarily self-aware.




Ew! She just vomited, and now she and the Handsome Hero

are swapping spit in a long, romantic kiss. Because witnessing the violent death of both parents within the last few hours doesn’t have nearly the emotional impact of an adolescent confession of love.

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