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Reading, for me, is entertainment and an escape from the real world. But it can also inform and stretch the boundaries of the life I live.

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The Science Of Discworld
Terry Pratchett, Jack Cohen, Ian Stewart
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Terry Pratchett
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The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports
Jeff Passan
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Flowers for Algernon
Daniel Keyes
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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey - progress: 16%.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey - Dominic Hoffman, Walter Mosley

“That’s how Ptolemy imagined the disposition of his memories, his thoughts. They were still his, still in the range of his thinking, but they were, many and most of them, locked on the other side of a closed door that he’d lost the key for. So his memory became like secrets, held away from his own mind. But these secrets were noisy things. They babbled and muttered behind the door. And so, if he listened closely, he might catch a snatch of something he once knew well.”

So far, the writing is a lovely break from some of the crap that I’ve been reading, and the story is both sad and compelling.