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No joy for Thing 1 and Thing 2

Remember the plea, in verse, that Thing 1 and Thing 2 made for library funds last spring? It apparently fell on deaf ears for the city of Dallas, which is proposing to continue underfunding what is already the worst library system for a city of its size. Even more depressing is the comment section of the linked article, where many of the participants have apparently not set foot in a public library in the last 20 years, leaving them with a pretty antiquated notion of what a library is supposed to be.


Again, I'm incredibly grateful for my little city, which this year is proposing to expand funding for its library to serve the 79% of its citizens who hold library cards and checked out over half a million items last year. Every time I visit the library, it's full of people of all ages, browsing the shelves, using the computers, and hanging out with books and magazines. I love seeing whole families leaving with each kid carrying a couple of books. And our librarians are so nice and helpful! Even if they did charge me an outrageous fee for the Tolkien book my dogs chewed up.